Alliance Real Estate Academy FAQ’s

1- Be at least 18 years old.

2- Have a high school diploma or equivalent.

3- You must successfully complete a 60 hour Washington Fundamentals course and a 30 hour Washington Practices course within 2 years.

4- You must pass a certified criminal history report.

5- Submit finger prints for a background check when you apply for initial license and every 6 years afterward.

6- pass the State Brokers Exam.

The cost of tuition for full price, in-class courses includes the books and/or materials. There are no additional costs for the courses.

Ages 17-20, upon scholarship approval, tuition cost is $45 plus the cost of books. (Books cost approximately $100-$125).

For Fundamentals you may request a refund prior to attending a class or after attending the 1st day of class only.  The tuition includes $100 for books that is not refundable if you received textbooks prior to class.

It is best you call the Washington Real Estate Licensing, Department of Licensing so they can answer best to your situation. Their number is 1-360-664-6488

Yes, it is our goal to get you to pass the Washington Brokers Real Estate Exam. If you do not complete the course you are signed up for, you will be required to retake the entire course the following quarter.

For the 90 hour Fundamentals course you can miss up to 12 hours that can be made up. You will be required to re-schedule with the instructor to make up those hours. You are required to attend all of the 90 clock hours. Any missed required attendance will have to be made up before certificate of completion is issued to take the final State exam.

For continuing Education classes- Each class differs and arrangements must be done through the instructor.

The exam is divided into two parts: the National section and the State Law section. You must pass both sections with minimum scores of 70% to be eligible for a license. If you pass one part, but not the other, you will be required to retake only the failed segment, provided you retake and pass that segment within six (6) months of initial failure. After that you will have to take the entire exam to be eligible for a license.

There is a 2 year time limit to “hang your license” with a brokerage. The first year starts the day you pass the test until 2 years later. During your fundamentals courses there will be some discussion on the best way to find the right brokerage that fits your goals and how to interview for them.

This may depend on the Brokerage you choose to “Hang Your License”. For example, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Pacific Commons has a team to get you started immediately where other brokerages might require you to take additional courses before starting work.

Yes, in some states. If you’re interested in obtaining a license in another state, you must contact that state directly for information on its licensing requirements.