Ages 17-20, Approved Scholarship Priced Pre-Licensing Class

January 22, 2024
90 hours (60 Fundamentals and 30 Practices). Live classes held Mondays and Thursdays. Each live class is 5 hours from 4pm-9pm. $45 plus the cost of books covers the cost of classes required to become a Washington State Real Estate Broker. Upon scholarship approval. Must be between ages of 17-20.


Puyallup, Wa.   View map


2024 Courses
Verification of age and high school attending/attended required prior to class starting, to qualify for this scholarship.

Books range between $100-$125 due first week of class.

(Required to become a licensed Real Estate Agent in Washington)

Total of 90 clock hours of class time is required:

  • 60 Fundamentals and 30 Practices.
  • Classes held Mondays and Thursdays. Each class is 5 hours from 4pm-9pm. Make up hours available upon student’s request.




The next Class start date is January 22, 2024 …Please contact for additional information.